At Secure My Future, we pride ourselves on professional honest independent advice that’ll help you achieve your goal whatever it might be. We are here to partner and assist you in all facets of Financial Planning for the long term. Rome was not built in a day and neither will your legacy, only through effective financial planning over time will you leave something great for your family.

About Us

Secure My Future is an authorised Financial Service Provider (FSP 48571) that focuses on providing specialist advice, support and assistance to individuals, their families and employer groups. At Secure My Future we offer unbiased, independent advice which means that our clients benefit from personalised and tailor-made solutions aimed at meeting their unique needs, individually.


Secure My Future is here for you! We take your ideas, hopes and dreams and implement a plan that will help you achieve financial security in the long term. We analyse and decipher complex financial products, compare them and then communicate their value in language that you can easily understand, without the jargon. Whatever your goals are, whether to become debt free, save for children’s varsity education, early retirement or achieving your first million, or working out ways to spend your second – we want to help you to achieve them.



Health – Good health is something we all hope for, but it can never be guaranteed. The rising costs of medical treatment and the costs associated with Private Hospitalisation mean it’s essential to have a medical scheme that provides you with sufficient cover for potentially catastrophic events as well as your basic day to day needs. With medical aid becoming a major household expense, it is critical to make an informed choice for you and your family. Understanding what your options are will help you to ensure that you are not left in the lurch. Talk to us about medical scheme advice and comparisons between offerings and service providers.


Rapid advances in medical technology mean that diseases are now being diagnosed much earlier and people are living longer. Often this results in more frequent hospitalisation and unexpected charges as providers rates are not always aligned with what medical schemes pay out. Gap Cover in its simplest form aims to cover the cost difference between the doctor’s rate and what your scheme pays out. Example, Dr A charges R500 for an operation but the medical schemes rate/tariff is R300. When a medical scheme says that cover at 100% of their rate they mean they are covering 100% of the R300, not the R500. This means that you, the member, are liable for the other R200 due to the doctor. Gap Cover can cover the difference of up to 500% of the medical scheme rate, while also providing cover for other shortfalls such as co-payments etc. ​

Life is stranger than fiction

Life Insurance

What will happen to your family’s finances if you’re no longer there? Will they be able to continue living their current life style or pursuing their dreams? Life Insurance, is often the best investment you can make for your family should you pass away while they are reliant on you. Dread Disease, Lump sum Disability, Retrenchment and Income Replacement cover all have their place to ensure that your goals can still be achieved when life unexpectedly throws you a curve ball.

Business Assurance

Business with partners is very much like a marriage. However, should one of you pass away, it may be the spouse of your partner that becomes your “new” partner. For many reasons, this may not always be the most ideal situation. You may wish to buy your ex-partner’s spouse out but this may not always be possible due to cash flow constraints. This is where ‘buy and sell’ contracts are invaluable. Simply put, Buy and Sell agreements ensure that 1) In the event of your death, your family reap the rewards of your hard work by securing them the proceeds of the policy. (This is normally the value of your shares at the point of taking the contract). 2) They ensure that the business continues as per normal, protecting the day to day lives of both your partners and your employees. 3) They also ensure that even if the business is in a slump when you pass away your family still get the proceeds.

Call us for a free assessment. We’ll take care of valuing the business, drawing up the contract and getting the right policies in place.

Take Tomorrow Back


We all have financial goals and dreams and we are here to help you achieve yours. The truth is that unless you are making your money work for you, you will work for money for the rest of your life. At Secure My Future we offer advice on a range of products and services, from Retirement Annuities, Pension and Provident funds, Endowments, Unit Trust investments, Provident and Pension Preservation Funds. When you reach retirement age we can even assist you in investing the funds that you need for the future. These days, there is a very real risk of running out of capital, but with the right plan, we can help prevent this from ever happening.

Short Term Insurance

There is an old adage “Imagine everything you own getting taken away from you. Now imagine getting it all back!” Secure My Future aims to do exactly this by ensuring that you’re always adequately insured. Regular policy reviews together with clear and simple advice mean that you always make the most informed decision and keep yourself perfectly covered.


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